UPCYCLED bra beaded
UPCYCLED bra beaded

UPCYCLED bra beaded

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UPCYCLED bra hand beaded with vintage beads in collaboration with Kaaret.

Each piece is a original with a story. Carefully selected by us, with the focus on quality, materials and sewing. For us, that's upcycling in the most sustainable way, (after being naked of course…) Every piece is redesigned to create a unique look . We like our clothes with a story (behind)!  

Upcycled from old suit and vintage beads. You can smell history. 


After nakedness, we find the next most sustainable approach is to work with what’s already here. According to us and to the BUYERARCHY OF NEEDS, existing, pre-owned, second-hand, waste, vintage, deadstock, and upcycled items are the primary resource. It has become manifest that the use of these materials is the appropriate approach to fashion.


We are utilising second-hand jackets as a means of demonstrating our idea of a sustainable collection. Although it has been around for a while,
the concept of upcycling is still not widely recognised. We want to support and promote this way of thinking. It’s so completely wonderful to create new things without exploiting or harming our planet! The entire No-collection 0 is made from discarded or second-hand clothing. Clothes should not follow trends; they are not meant to be worn for one season only.
All existing clothing has a story and is awaiting a new and different one.

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